Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whole Day Knitting!!

K and I had set up a time to get together for some knitting. I had some 3 ply that needed to be put in a skein so she let me use her swift to wind it up. Then I can wash it and get the crinkles out from the frogging. Then we snacked on some cheese, meat, crackers, and some great dip she made! After that we talked about knitting, hand and machine. Next I showed her how to make socks on her Bond, made her a pattern with the Magic Formula and gave her some tips on using it. She was surprised how fast we got it done. ( I knew she would be surprised as she is a hand knitter!). We only made an anklet but even with going over the directions and teaching her short rowing it still went pretty fast! Then we ate some more, drank some tea, and knit some more! It was so much fun being able to share knitting with someone else! Then we started playing with yarn just making cables, eyelet transfers, and tried some bobbles. We made another date for next month and she's going to come over and teach me hand knitting. I'm doing my knit stitches twisted because of the way I'm knitting. She has picked out an easy scarf pattern that we are going to do. I crammed her head with stuff this time and she gets to do it to me next time! LOL Oh yeah, she has some natural sock yarn she bought for dyeing and I brought home a skein to make socks for her on my standard gauge. A really nice knitting day!

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