Sunday, March 13, 2011

50" doily

After making the small doily on the LK  150 in yarn I decided to make a large one out of a big ball of size 10 crochet cotton  that I've had for ages. This one is on the standard gauge. Took a while to get the thread  rewound but hubby helped me with that! He's such a sweetie! I've got 5 sections made, which is halfway. I've figured it takes about an hour and 10 mins to make one section. I could probably go faster since half the rows are just putting 3 ndls in/out of hold but when I did that on the yarn one I missed a row and had to rip it back so I'm taking my time. Had one little mistake today on an eyelet row but somehow got it fixed. I wasn't sure I'd be able to relatch from 2 rows down but it looks ok! I probably won't get a lot done on it tomorrow since it's house cleaning day but I shouldn't beat myself up about it since I got quite a lot done today. Sometimes I get myself worked up thinking I have to hurry and get it done and I either don't finish or make mistakes. I don't work so there's no hurry! I am feeling bad about neglecting my crochenit vest though. It keeps staring at me every time I walk by it! I only have to finish the back and the ribbing just haven't felt like sitting on the couch and working on it. I keep telling myself 'I will finish it!' I've also got an afghan I started last year that I haven't worked on at all this winter. It's not for anyone but a pretty pattern. It is crocheted and every round is a different color and different stitch. Maybe next winter I'll work on it. Can't work on it in the summer, just too hot.

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