Thursday, March 24, 2011

Black Sleeveless UFO Not!

When I was cleaning up my knitting room I came across a top that I had made with Knitware that didn't fit right. I made it sleeveless and the armholes were too big so I  stitched the shoulder seams together to pull up the armholes. I had never finished it. I tried it on and it fit rather nicely so I decided to put some trim on it. I crocheted a filet type border on the neck, and made up a design for the armholes, and found an edge I liked in one of my crochet edgings book for the bottom. Here are pics.

This is the bottom.
 This is the full top.

 This is the neckline.
 This is the armhole trim that I made up.


  1. I love it when a UFO ripens, and nearly finishes itself. Nice work. Especially like the armhold trim.