Monday, March 21, 2011


It's March 21st at 12:17 am PST. It's been raining most of the day. When it got dark it started snowing! Just went and checked and we have a good 7" and it's still coming down. That's a big storm for us here in the high desert! Southern CA has large power outages due to snow, ice, wind. I really feel sorry for all these people around here that have to go to work in the morning. It will probably melt tomorrow so there's a good chance some places might have flooding, especially in Reno. This is some crazy weather!
Spent the whole day working in my knitting room. Going thru things I made a long time ago that didn't work out and didn't want to throw them way. I ripped out those items and rewound the yarn to be used again. Put little labels on the balls and weighed them. Also went thru all my bits and pieces and rewound them up and labeled them. Just a few more items to rip out and rewind and I'll be done. Found a couple of shrugs I made that are basically finished, one needs some ends woven in and I need to put buttons on another one. One of them was too tight so it will get recycled. I was hoping I could find enough of one color to make a hoodie pattern I saw online but no luck there. I have a couple ideas on how to make it with different colors but will have to play around with that idea. It has cables up the front near the bands and around the hood. One idea is to make the hood in a fair isle but not sure how that will look. All in all a good productive day!

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