Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

I played around with my punch cards today. I had read somewhere on the net that some people put several punch cards together and I was thinking of trying to make a sweater I saw that was HK. I've decided not to make it. It is all fair isle and I don't have the right cards nor could I find any designs on the net that were similar. Anyway I was looking thru my ribber manual and there was a punch tuck rib for one of the cards I already had in the machine so decided to try it out. I made another leg warmer LOL. The design is really nice too. It's a full needle rib with a tuck pattern on the knitter bed. Really stretchy too! I like these small projects to test things out. I get something to wear and get to test out a new technique! I was trying to imagine how this ribbing would be used, it seems too stretchy for the bottom of a cardi or sweater but I think it would make a nice blanket or over all design.
I also went thru some books I bought long ago and almost all of them use 4 ply, which I don't have any of. All that yarn I got at the thrift store was 2/20. Guess I could ply it but even at 2 ply it won't meet the gauge. I thinking trying to make a 4 ply out of it would be too much trouble with all those ends! Not sure what I'm going to make next. Maybe some more cotton things. I just realized I have on MK socks, leg warmers, hat, and scarf that I've made! (can't seem to get warm these last couple days) Anyway at least I'm wearing them!

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