Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pile knitting on the standard gauge

 I've been playing around with my punch cards lately. I've been wanting to do pile knitting for a while and I finally decided to make a hand towel in a pile pattern. I'm going to use 16/2 cotton and 10/2 cotton. I've sprayed it twice with silicon spray so it should knit smoothly. It's stinky stuff but it sure works! When I did the swatch I could tell the yarn was dry so hopefully it will knit better now.
Met up with K and we talked about getting together later this month to get her started on machine knitting. She has two, a bond, and white. I'm not familiar with the white but it looks like a bulky type machine. I think we'll do socks or maybe ribbing as she said she was having trouble with that. Either way it will be fun! Now to go make a hand towel!

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