Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New top for me!

Finished K's socks, will drop them off tomorrow when we go to town. Can't wait to see them dyed up! I was thinking, I have some natural wool and some Ukrainian egg dye. Wonder if they would work? They are good quality dyes.

Decided to start on a summer top for me. I'm using Bramwell 'Savannah' cotton. It's a sea green, nice color. I went through some of the books I bought from Marge years ago that have edges and trims in it and picked out one that is a picot edge with cables. I tried the 2x2 cables but even with some needles out of work it still pulled on the needles too much. The bad part about cotton. I cast on some yarn and started playing around and decided to do a xxxxoxxxxo design but I'm only going to do a 1x1 cable in the in work needles. I think it looks nice. The out of work needles will be latched up on every other ladder to create the picot edge.
Then I started getting all kinds of ideas in my head about making the rest of the top. I wondered if I could do the rest in circular so I tested it out on a swatch and it worked. It will be tricky hanging stitches back on the ribber, but hey I'm in no hurry! Then I wondered if I could do a folded hem doing the slip stitch on every other needle technique. Tried that on the swatch too! It worked! It may be a little tricky but doable. I'll just have to take my time. I'll have to drop the ribber one notch and use the hook for catching the thread when threading the ribber up. Don't know what they call that little tool but I like it! It looks like the latch tool but the end is 'L' shaped and no latch. Sometimes I use it to pick up a dropped stitch when I'm ribbing too. Grabs that little loop and I don't have to worry about catching the latch on anything.
Can't start on it till Thursday. Got a lot of running around to do tomorrow and I get to go to thrift stores! Yeah! Hope I find something good! LOL
Had some really nice weather today too so maybe spring is really here!



  1. Wow! I feel the heat from here! I just love all the directions your idea-head takes you in when it's juiced up on designing a project. If I understand you correctly, why not start circular, and do your picot/cable in the round?

  2. Actually I thought about that but the rib is set up with needles out of work and then you have to latch them up. I think it's called shaker rib, where you latch up every other ladder. I couldn't see in my mind how to do that on circular knitting. Can you? Plus you have to cross for the cables.