Sunday, April 3, 2011

yard work and summer top

Haven't posted in a few days. The weather has gotten a little nicer and I've been working in the yard the last two days. Have almost all my spring yard work done. Roses, hollyhocks, alpine strawberries, which have little blossoms on them, butterfly bush, lilacs, which have green leaves, and french tarragon. I was digging around in one of my flower beds and found a lily  and accidentily knocked off a bud! Ouch! I planted it back and made a wish for it to grow! We'll see. I was going to move it but it had so many buds on it I think I will leave it alone! It's the 'Black Dragon' strain and they are lovely lillies! My Copper King is coming on like gangbusters! It was sooo beautiful last year. It got almost 6 feet tall and large copper colored blooms all over it. I guess it likes where it's at!  I just love getting out in my yard and digging around! Sometimes I hate to come inside when it's nice. Speaking of nice, I better enjoy it, in a couple days we are supposed to have 25 mph winds. Geesh!
Now for my knitting! I got the top finished that I was doing circular. I didn't take a gauge swatch in circular, shame on me, but I didn't think about it until I was already knitting it. I couldn't figure out why the knitter was so hard to push. Tried oiling it, spraying the yarn, no luck. Then I got to thinking about the directions in my book and it had the ribber at 6, knitter at 7, so I thought 'that must be it, I've got them on the same tension'. I changed the knitter to a looser number and that worked better. Luckily for me the top is only a little uneven. Thank goodness for boobs!! LOL The long side will be the front! haha The picot, cabled rib came out really nice too! I'll have to take a pic and post it. Hope it doesn't shrink up so much it doesn't look good. I put elastic in the top part but I'm still going to put straps on it. I found a strap I like in one of my books that I think looks good with the ribbing. It uses five stitches, and you transfer 2 over by one and leave the empty needle in work, k 1 row and transfer on the other side. It makes an eyelet row on the outside with a raised stitch down the middle. Started the strap this morning waiting for it to warm up enough to go work in the yard, then I was too tired to work on it this evening. Maybe in a day or two I'll get pics up.
Oh yeah saw a baby lizard today! He was so pale from being dormant, poor thing! I'm sure it's been a long winter for them too! Go eat some cut worms and get fat! LOL

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