Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nice day and yard work!

Let's see, haven't posted in several days. Saturday had a get together with K at my house this time. She was the teacher and she brought over a knit pattern for us to work on together. It's called the Fertility Blanket but we are doing a scarf. It's called fertility because it looks like female genitals. LOL And it really does! It is a wavy pattern in the vertical with a bobble in the appropriate place! So far so good on the pattern. I've done about 3 or 4 repeats and it's looking like the pattern. I had a couple problems with some of the rows but I think I fixed them.

A while back K and I went to a thrift store and I found a neat cross stitch pattern of wild Mustangs. It's done in all one color. I decided to make it for my living room to go over the wall above the windows. I was thinking today of painting the frame on the wall or maybe getting some material and putting it up there. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. I may try out a couple ideas in Paint Shop Pro to see how they look together. I don't want the background to overwhelm the picture.

Had a really nice day today. It was cool with a little breeze but perfect for digging in the yard. Got the side beds turned over and put some more manure in. The sand is finally starting to smell like dirt! Hopefully next year it will be more soil and less sand. It seems to take about 3 years to get everything broken down and built up. I planted Cleomes, French Marigolds, put down some Alpine Strawberry seeds. I did that last year by our grape and it came up last year and made it thru the winter. Maybe I'll put down some more to make it a bigger patch. Those berries are so good! I also planted some more Nightstocks. A few have come back from seed but I really want to keep them coming back. They don't open until the evening and they have a wonderful scent. I also put down some more Hollyhock seed and put some of the French Marigolds and borage in the front bed. The old Hollyhocks seem to be coming back but I put down more seed to make sure I get some, in case they get frosted. They really block the wind. Everything looks really good this year. The French Tarrogon is coming on and the Columbines look really nice. Must be all that bird poop! LOL The bed for the Columbines is under the Honeysuckle where the birds hang out.
Oh yeah, tried the food color dyeing in the microwave! The yarn dyed! I didn't put enough color in the water so it's just a regular green, was supposed to be Teal. Will have to try again. I also found some more color mixing recipes on the net. I have some Mary Lue's wool that is WW but not sure I need socks that thick. I like the regular sock yarn. They sell undyed yarn at Knit Picks so may do that. It was fun tho'!



  1. Isn't it sooo much fun to have a garden?? I always had gardens before I moved into this house. I don't get enough sun in my back yard because of all the trees in the back. I have a double lot here so plenty of room. I didn't want to cut the alders down but I am thinking of putting in a greenhouse & see how that works. Sheryl

  2. Maybe you could try some shade loving plants? Columbines are good, hostas,bleeding hearts (?). Depending on how much shade there is some veggies don't mind a little shade like alpine strawberries. They are little berries but they are so tasty! Maybe some lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, or carrots? Or maybe try planting veggies in the front yard! Why not?! LOL

  3. Yard work rocks LeAnn!

    I am having way too much fun with ours.

    I'm going to have to look up this "fertility" pattern,. LOL

  4. Yeah the pattern is cool! I'd seen it before she brought it over but can't remember where.