Friday, April 15, 2011

Today has been a bad day

Let's see, where to start, hmm at the beginning I guess. Several weeks ago my hubby found a heater that was 95% efficient. Ours is 15 years old and not going to last much longer. The more efficient ones have no pilot light, I think they are electronic. Anyway, he called a local installer and set up an appointment. The man assured us it would fit in our manufactured home. The day before the appointment, they called and said they had overbooked and couldn't make it. (overbooked?!) So we set up another appointment, which was today. Guy came out took some measurements, called the boss, he came out, and guess what? It won't fit without making a lot of changes which would include a carpenter moving walls etc. or not being able to get to the washer. He has another unit that is only 90% efficient that he knows will fit but will cost him $2000 and then there's labor and parts, so that ain't happening. We were both really bummed out about it so I decided since the weather was reasonably nice I would go pull some weeds. While I was pulling weeds next to the grape that is climbing on the patio I noticed a big hole in the gravel next to the 4x4. I thought it was a mouse hole but when I started digging around I realized the bottom of the 4x4 was rotten completely thru! I went and checked another one and it was rotten too! Shit! These 4x4's, 6 in all hold lattice work that covers the patio with the appropriate stringers for support. So now we have to figure out how to disassemble the thing and take it down without someone getting hurt. It's been there for 15 years so the screws are probably not going to be easy to get out. I still don't understand why the wood rotted, it was supposed to be redwood which shouldn't have rotted. The guy that put it in also did our front and back steps, now I'm wondering if all of the posts are rotten! I tried to call him to have him come over and look at it but he didn't bother to call back.  I just hope we don't get a bad windstorm and the whole thing comes crashing down into the house. Now every time I walk under it I get the heebie geebies. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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