Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23,2011

Finished my knit shorts today. Spent the whole morning on the couch listening to The Car Guys, and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR stitching them up. Then I got lazy and laid down on the couch just vegging out. Got woke up when our neighbor brought over some macaroni and cheese they made on their smoker. Damn was it good! The recipe came with the smoker. It had 5 cheeses in it yum yum! Then I made two gauge swatches for some shorts. I did 2 strands of 2/20 acrylic on one, and 1 strand of 10/2 cotton and 1 strand of 10/2 cotton slub. I'm trying to get a gauge close to the pattern Pat gave me when I bought my machine from her. I'm really close so when I put it in Knitware I should be able to make the shorts in 2 pieces instead of 4. Will steam and measure it later tonight and maybe start on another pair tomorrow.

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