Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 17, 2011

Had another beautiful day today so I got out my gardening tools and cleaned up the asparagus bed, watered it a little bit and started cleaning up the front yard. Was nice to be outside!
Worked on my next knitting project. Got the gauge swatch measured and input data into Knitware. Just decided that since it is a punch tuck rib and I'm not familiar with inc/dec with the ribber yet I'm just going to make it a sleeveless boatneck top. Real easy! I'm going to wear this for pajamas and it's really just a learning thing. Will have to make another gauge swatch in stockinette for the shorts. I've been looking at some of my clothes that are store bought knits and most don't have a ribbing for a hem, just the pattern all the way down and then a folded hem. I really don't like hand sewing a hem but may have to. On this pattern I'm doing now I'm going to do a double knit hem since I'll have the ribber up anyway. I did a practice piece and it looks ok. They are just PJ's anyway!

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