Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20, 2011

Got a lot done today! Worked out in the yard again. Wasn't as warm as a few days ago but still the sun was shining with no wind! I weeded another bed, cut back the asters, and columbines, which are already starting to come up! My Dragon Lily is starting to come up too! Hope it doesn't get too cold or the tender tips will get burned. I really need to move one of them as it really doesn't get enough sun. Haven't checked the other lily. It was absolutely beautiful last year! Got to 5 ' tall and only the second year. Was loaded with blooms in a pretty coppery orange.
Made my mom a pair of earrings for her birthday next month. I found a cute pattern a while back that I had in mind for her. It called for size 10 thread but I used size 8 pearl cotton tatting thread in terracotta. Very nice to work with. Hope she likes them!

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