Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 16, 2011

Well today was a beautiful day! It got to 70 degrees and I had to get outside and do something! I hooked up the hose and watered the front yard and washed a couple windows down. I even dug out my flip flops! It was so nice. My little bulbs are starting to come up too! Sure hope the weather keeps up like this. Last spring was so cold and wet until June it would be nice to have a good spring. Maybe I'll even do some yard work tomorrow if it's nice again!
Now for my machine knitting project. I washed the gauge swatch and it's ready to measure. It's some 2/20 yarn I got at a thrift store. It's a bright green and not something I would wear but I'm going to make some pajamas! I had to throw out a pair the other day because the pants had gotten a tear in them and you could tell the material was just so worn out. I liked those too! Anyway I did the swatch in a pin tuck rib that looks like a lace pattern I've seen. Haven't decided on what kind of top. I've never done inc/dec/shortrowing with a pattern so I'm thinking a boatneck. Nice and simple! I was going to make it long sleeved with pants but since it's a double knit fabric I may do short sleeves with shorts. I am going to get knitware to spit out a decent shorts pattern!!! I've tried several times in the past and the crotch always come out too long. I think I got it figure out last year but will have to look. Really want to make me some shorts for this summer. I have lots of coned cotton. Was thinking of making a pair to go with a top and jacket I made last year. We'll see.

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