Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21,2011

Another nice day here! Finished my yard work, at least the weeding, still too cold at night to mess with the plants much. Finished my mom's b'day present and got it in an envelope to be mailed off. Read some mail and caught up on my newsletters.
I wasn't planning on posting to this blog but so far I find I kinda like doing this. I can go over my day and see what I've actually accomplished! Still early in the day too to get some more stuff done! I've got to start on my shorts again. Had to cut the pattern into 4ths as I didn't have enough NDLs on the machine to knit such fine yarn in 2 pieces. Had to stop and do some crocheting so have to get back in gear again. Got a little tired after doing all that yard work. Lots of hoeing and pulling weeds. Have a good strong cup of tea and starting to feel better.

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