Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally doing a post!

Haven't posted in a while but I have been knitting alot! I've found with blogging, ravelry, facebook, etc. it's just too much to keep up with. I would rather be making something than spend all day on the puter. I even deleted my facebook page. Never posted to it anyway.
Now about my knitting! I bought a digital scale from Amazon so I could weigh my left over cones. It took 2 days but I got them all weighed and labeled. Then I made a spreadsheet with all of my yarn and how much I had. It really is nice to look at the list and in a few minutes I can see exactly what I have instead of looking thru closets. I also made a spreadsheet of all my gauge swatches. I have a lot of machine knitting mags that are old and the yarns used in them are no longer available. With the spreadsheet I can look at my gauges and see if I have a yarn that is close in gauge to what the pattern calls for.
I've also been making a bunch of short sets for the summer. I used up some 10/2 cotton and made a top in thread lace with matching shorts. I've also made several tops in different tuck patterns. I'm really liking the tuck patterns!
Right now I'm working on a housecoat pattern in 2/20 in tuck. I saved this pattern a long time ago when I first got my machine as something I wanted to make. It called for a 4 ply angora look yarn that is no longer made. I tried the 2/20 doubled up but decided that was too thick for the weather here. I wanted something light. I also found a site that has old machine knit mags and this pattern was actually in it! I've got the back, 1 front finished so far. Each piece is 798 rows but it goes pretty fast. I had some problems on one of my tops in thread lace when I had to rip out a row so I'm not knitting too quickly. It's a real pain to rip out the tuck stitch and get everything back in line. That's where I messed up last time, I got the card on the wrong row or something.
When I put up my winter sweaters I went thru my clothes and decided to rip out some sweaters I made last year. I messed up on one and it's too short and the sleeves are too long. I had the wrong measurements in Knitware. :( Another sweater is just too short. I love the colors so I want to reuse the yarn. One is a dark green the the other a dk turquoise.
I also made a bunch of stuff at Christmas for family. Mostly just hats, scarves. Oh yeah I also learned to hand knit! I even managed to knit a lace scarf at Christmas that came out really nice. It was made with some MK yarn that was like a brushed acrylic that was a green/grey marl. Really nice yarn, wish I had more of it!
Since the weather has gotten warmer I've been working in the yard every day all day long. My lillies are doing great! My lilacs bloomed like crazy this year too! First time. I don't know if they just weren't old enough or if it was the extra water but they smelled soo good! They are the dwarf Miss Kim variety. If we can get thru this weekend hopefully the weather will settle down. We have what we call the 'Memorial Day curse'. Not matter how nice the weather is we always have cold/crappy weather on Memorial Day weekend. My lillies are so big I don't have anything large enough to cove them. Hopefully it won't get too cold. Later..

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